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Oracle RAC DBA 12c Training

ORACLE RAC DBA 12c Course Brief

Online RAC 12c DBA Training is unique @ DBA Technologies which is a blend of Indepth study of concepts with special reference to real world scenarios and practical live demos. All sessions are handled by Mr. Prasad Mynumpati and are highly interactive.

You will be proficient in the successful installation and configuration of Real Application Clusters (grid infrastructure) along with in-depth knowledge on Virtualization setups, managing cluster services, cache fusion concepts, past image, Global Resource Directory (GRD), SCAN Listener concepts, Voting Disks (why odd number?), OCR, tools (crsctl, srvctl), converting non RAC to RAC, Add Node, TAF setup, RMAN Backups using multiple server resources and many more.

Course fee: $650 (with Dedicated Server Access)


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Week 1:

Session 1:
button Introduction & Course details
button What is an Instance and Database
button Database storage options(Core & Cluster)
button Availability (HA,MA,LA & MAA)
button Non RAC DB Vs RAC DB
button Storage options Core DB vs. RAC DB
button Files system files / RAW Partitions / ASM
button What is ASM?
button ASM Architecture
button Benefits of ASM
button What is Cluster?
button What is Clusterware?
button Software requirements and download locations
button ORACLE VM BOX Environment setup details
Session 2:
button Quick review
button What is GRID Infrastructure (ASM andClusterware)
button Clusterware Concepts and Architecture
button Clusterware startup sequence
button Clusterware startup processes
button Oracle Clusterware stack
button Cluster ready service stack
button Oracle High availability services stack
button Grid Plug and Play architecture
button CSS and Voting Disk Functionality
button CRS and OCR
button Node eviction (Inter connect ,VD)
button Networking in RAC concepts
button Networking in RAC configuration topology

Week 2:

Session 3:
button ORACLE VM Box setup
button OS Installation for RAC Node1
button OS Configuration (rpms, config)
button Creating Users and Groups
button Creating Virtual Disks
button Adding disks to Virtual Node1
button Network configuration Public & Interconnect
button Configuring oracleasm
button Cloning Virtual Disk
button Preparing Virtual Node2 from Node1
button Configuring Node2
Session 4:
button Pre Installation Verification
button Network verification (Private and Public)
button Completing Grid Installation
button Understanding warning messages
button Concepts of VIP and SCAN IP
button Verifying the services with crsctl
button Clusterware proc. stop/stop on single / all node(s)
button High availability services stop and start

Week 3:

Session 5:

Creating ASM Disks (DATA&FRA) using shared disks

button  Installating 12cR1 RDBMS software  on Cluster
button  Creating 12cR1 NCDB database on rac1 and rac2
button  Concepts of Cache fusion
button GCS and GES Concepts
button Global Resource Directory (GRD)
button What is Past Image? And concepts
button Past Image vs. CR Image
button Read-Read/Read-Write/Write-Write contention
button Stoping cluster ready services and resources
button Crsctl and Srvctl commands 
Session 6:
button ASM & ASM cluster file system
button ASM Key features and benefits
button ASM Instance designs
button ASM components
button ASM disk groups and fail groups
button ASM Scalability
button RAC Database Management
button Database startup and shutdown
button Server Parameters in RAC environment
button Enabling Archivelog mode in RAC 
button Terminating sessions in RAC 
button Enterprise Manager 

Week 4:

Session 7:
button RAC Databse Backup Recovery using RMAN
button With Catalog and No Catalog
button  Snapshot Control file purpose and location
button Auto backup of Control file and spfile 
button Archvie log location for RAC DB 
button RAMN Backup schedules in crontab
button Perform Backup and recovery RAC DB
button Finding OCR and VD file locations
button Backup and Recovery of OCR,VD
button Migrating VD and OCR files to different diskgroup
button Managing Oracle Clusterware using crsctl & srvctl
button OLR purpose and location
button OCR and VD auto & manual backups
button crsctl & srvctl commands
button difference between srvctl and crsctl
button disabling and enabling clusterware startup
Session 8:
button Create Database Service
button TAF from Client and Server side
button TAF with LBA enable and with LBA disable
button Database Service reloaction 
button Preconnect Service Configuration

Week 5:

Session 9:
button Patching methodology in 12c RAC using opatchauto
button Applyin PSU in rolling method
button Upgrade to
button Upgrade database after GI and RDBMS upgrade
button Perform post upgrade steps and verify the upgrade
Session 10:
button Create CDB and PDB using dbca in Cluster environment
button Create services to start and stop PDBs automatically with restart 
button Quick review on Multitenant Architecture on RAC environment
button Configure TAF service at server level for a PDB
button Perform TAF in RAC  

Course FAQs

1.Who is the faculty?

Mr. Prasad Mynumpati (Founder of DBA Technologies) is the senior faculty will be conducting all the sessions. Mr. Prasad is having about 18+ years corporate experience in USA and India. For more details please visit and choose “About US”.

2.How is the training conducted?

Online training is conducted using interactive web conferencing software, Trainers desktop will be shared. An URL will be shared with WEEK, SESSION, TOPIC, participant. Each session is with in-depth conceptual discussions with practical demo.

3. What if I have trouble in installation or doing any exercise?

No issues, you can mail us we will get back to you ASAP, if a session is required to address a particular issue we will schedule one and address the same.

4.What about software?

OS (OEL 5.4), ORACLE 11gR2, ORACLE 11gR2 GRID and ORACLE VM BOX Software download instructions are part of the manual.

5. Do I get material for practicing exercises?

Yes, you will be provided with a soft copy manual that which contain all the required lab exercises to get familiar with each topic that is been discussed during session.

6. What if I miss a session?

Upon request recorded session will be available; this is only if you miss a session.

7. Any pre requisites for this course?

Participant should be familiar with ORACLE Core DBA concepts.

8. What version OS is required?

OEL 5.4

9. What should be the system configuration?

Memory with 16 GB would be nice to practice all lab exercises in cluding add node etc, Space 100G is really plenty to have enough backups of VDI files at different states.

10. What else is required to join the session?

Good quality headphone and microphone to listen the session and to interact with faculty.

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Sreedevi Vemula-USA
I attended Core DBA training online from DBA Technology. I really like the way Mr.Prasad's explain's the concepts. He has very good command on teaching the subject which reflects his experience. All their lab demo videos are very good. I am glad that I attended the training
Basheer K-UAE
It was good experience to learn DBA from DBA Tecnologies.Mr.Prasad teaches every topic with real time examples which is easy to understand.I thanks to DBA TECHNOLOGIES for giving such platform for learning Oracle Technology and make a confident to making the carrier as oracle dba.Regards,Muhammed Basheer.
Sunil Inchal-USA
In my 20 years of IT career, I have attended many trainings by big names like IBM etc. I found Mr. Prasad’s training the best amongst all that I attended so far. This is a NO-NONSENSE training. If you want to become a successful Oracle DBA, I strongly recommend to join Mr. Prasad’s training. I guarantee you will not regret your decission. I took one-on-one training since I wanted a fast track option. Mr. Prasad made himself available at odd hours (Since I’m in USA) and answered all the questions in a way even a novice can also understand.Thank you Mr. Prasad.
Chetana Kakade-USA
This is a wonderful place to get started to know anything and everything about Oracle. Please continue doing this Mr.Prasad. You are doing a wonderful job. The practical sessions shared by Mr.Anurag are just awesome (You need a big applause!) and one would like to store those for their future reference. Hence it would be great if you could share those videos with us rather than just screen casting. Also try installing all the softwares while on sessions so that one can start their practice without any delays..
Gbenga Akindele-USA
Am here in United State but my contact with DBAtechnology under the tutelage of Mr. Prasad has so rewarding for training on core oracle dba11g. He personally handle all the classes, he has the loaded skill for teaching and he is very meticulous with his teaching. He will give you all the time in the world to ask all your questions. I will surely recommend this training center for anyone in need of a good place to acquire skill as oracle dba, distance is no barrier as all my classes were online real time and it was as if am in a physical classroom.Thank you.Gbenga
Vikash Prasad-Fiji Islands
DBA Technologies is an amazing place to start off with Oracle Database Administration learning, i should say that they are a wonderful set of people who are aimed at taking up any challenge to address all doubts and confusions of their students and get your prepared for DBA's daily challenge. I learnt about DBA Technologies after a massive search through the web to locate a organisations that will make Oracle DBA learning simple, interesting and up to the latest production environment trend. After analyzing all responses that i got from online enquiries, i found there was something special with DBA Technologies and i registered for the course
Kanakadas Y
Searching APPS DBA training institute from quite long time in Chennai.Saw Mr.Prasad sir APPS DBA demo in youtube, got very much impressed and Joined Online APPS DBA training.After two weeks of training, started getting very much confident on the apps dba and even I started applying method and procedure told by sir in my current project.Prasad sir teaching methodology is outstanding and crystal clear.He take all real time scenarios to explain APPS DBA concepts.Thank you very much sir, if Projects or company demands, I will under go Golden Gate training
Shakeel Mohammed
Pursuing Oracle 11gR2 RAC dba course at dba technologies was tremendous and to be precise quality training.Mr.Prasad has unique way in providing training. Quality training in terms of explaining concepts, real time scenarios and oracle materials and labs.After pursuing training from Mr.Prasad, I have immense confidence managing RAC databases and complex scenarios.I truly recommend every DBA to pursue Oracle Core/RAC/Apps trainings from Mr.Prasad and this will take us to a different level of working in real time.I am looking forward to pursue Goldengate and many more trainings from Mr.Prasad in future.
Narayanan Palakode V - USA
My Name is Narayanan, Palakode Venkataraman from USA. I was looking for the Oracle RAC/ASM online training course and found that DBA Technologies offers the same. It was a 5 weeks course, each session topics were selected well and were sequenced properly. I was greatly benefitted by attending the course.Mr.Prasad knowledge on the subjects, communication, delivery of the contents,clarification of doubts, off the class support in setting up VM Box,Gust OS,CS,ASM,RAC systems , and engaging the students during the class were outstanding. Group discussion and live demo during the class were good and those learning can be applied to real time situation. Mr.Prasad has both practical and sound theatrical knowledge and is very rare in the training industry.At the end of the course my knowledge on Oracle RAC/ASM and confidence level to support RAC/ASM databases were very high. I would recommend anybody to take the course from DBA Technologies on RAC/ASM. Regards, Narayanan, Palakode Venkataraman
AbdulMoid Mohammed - India
I was struggling to find a better institute for Oracle DBA.After a strong search I found few among which one is quit famous(intentionally dont want to reveal its name) at ameerpet.After attending a demo I come to a conclusion that to catch the points in that massive class I should be a robot .Because there I found paying attention and getting interacted with the lecturer is such a tedous job. One day,one of my friends suggested me to join a demo at "DBA TECHNOLOGIES".Mr PRASAD is such a mentor who easily make his student involve into the subject becoz his way of delivering topics are really impressing.Real time topics are covered and LAB facility is full day. I always wanted to be a part of a game not to just watch a game and I achieved same in "DBA technologies". Thanks, Mohammed
Ramu R - USA
Prasad sir is very experienced and knowledgable. I got a quality Oracle RAC training . The way he is explained is very nice and training sessions more interactive. The main thing about his training he thought best practices and standards and more focused on practical. Thank you sir for providing good training.
Medhanie - Eritrea
This is Medhanie from Eritrea....DBA Technologies is one of the best institute i attend in hyderabad ... Prasad Sir`s teaching is very professional and more believable. Anurag has provided his best and repeats the concepts till we understand. They provide more care and attention for the students and the lab is provided as per our convenience.
Janardhan Sunkara-USA
This is Janardhan, I took Oracle DBA and RAC online training at DBA Technologies. This training was really good. Firstly, I am thankful to Mr. Prasad Mynampati and Anurag. I am felt more comfortable with RDBMS Core,RAC concepts and practicals after interacted with Prasad and Anurag. The way he teaching DBA concepts is really amazing because he took real time scenarios and share his experience with folks so that it gives me more insight into the technology and it is easy for me to remember the concepts. DBA technologies is always ready to assist us. The instructors at DBA technologies are very polite and patience. They are always ready to clear our doubts and solve our issues with the practicals with good real time examples. Another good thing in this training is that they ever rush in order to complete course. In sessions, Mr. prasad taught slowly and he ensure that every folk in the class is understanding the concepts and It helps me a lot because that I am a average student. Moreover, Mr. Prasad is a good affectionate communicator. So that I always feel free to ask all my doubts that in my mind whether it is big or small doubt and he also always feel more happy to address all my doubts. Once again I am thankful to Mr. Prasad and Mr. Anurag. I appreciate DBA technologies for their continuous services to IT field.
Ahmed Abdulla - India
I am a student at DBA Technologies... I think there are a lot of institutes in India that are Specials for Oracle databases, but the difference comes in how to deliver the information and choose the right place to receive these concepts.. So through my studies for a period of more than three months at the Institute I would like to tell you that the Institute is the best and by the way each class was very good and there were a lot of example and scenarios to make us understand very well.. . So for those people who are interested about oracle Cora DBA, RAC and APPSDBA,I recommend to them DBA Technologies.
Vijay - Singapore
Prasad is very knowledge and during training sessions he has not only given attention to detail but also explained live scenarios. I have joined with no DBA knowledge and after 4 sessions I cleared interview as a DBA with one year of experience. Thanks Prasad.
Raza - Switzerland
If you want theory and hand on practice, then you are at the right place. Mr Prasad is an exceptional trainer by any standard.
I have got more than 10 years of IT experience in Applications Administration. When it comes to Database Administration, I would say DBA Technologies is the ULTIMATE destination with no second thought. No corporate trainings can come close to DBA Technologies with respect to the QUALITY being delivered here. The commitment and passion that is shown in building up a student is amazing and incomparable. Students walked out of DBA Technologies after successful completion of their training should be very confident to involve in any kind of technical discussions in their entire career path. It is definitely my personal feeling and I would strongly recommend that any fresh graduate as well as those who are in the industry for a while, DBA Technologies is the RIGHT destination to have a strong foundation and to make the journey of their career smooth and confident.
Peraka Sunil
I am Sunil and worked as Linux and Windows Administrator for 4 years. In thirst of upgrading my skills, I planned for doing Oracle DBA. I enquired with different Institutions regarding this and came to know that everybody teaches the subject. After interacting with counselor at DBA Technologies(DSNR), I was satisfied that it is not just they teach but they give real-time scenarios to understand the subject very well. Thanks to Phani Raj, who gave me insight of the subject during the counseling. After having 7 years of experience, I thought that knowing Architecture of any technology is important and the same was dealt excellent by Prasad.M sir. I am really thankful for him for giving deep insight of Architecture. Apart from this it was great with Anurag, who added spice to the subject and been with each of us in the Lab. I deeply feel that everyone has played important role in expanding my knowledge. Thanks to all
Anilkumar Gupta
This is Anil Kumar ,I am working as a SoftwareTest Engineer thought to switch into another platform that is DBA,one of my cousin suggested me to join in DBA Tecnologies at Disukhnagar who is working as a DBA at present.He told me that one of the best institutes for Dba course is DBA technologies Hyderabad the best institute to get into and Excellent faculty and excellent lab facility at Dilsukhnagar Branch, Thanks to MR.Prasad Sir he always takes the real time scenarios and good examples which helps in remembering the concepts, Mr. Anurag our Another faculty conducts the demo following by concepts taken by Mr. Prasad which is very good which in getting understand the subject,I strongly recommend DBA Technologies for people who are looking to join in DBA course.I once again thank Prasad sir and Anurag sir,especially Anurag sir for supporting us in Lab and sharing his knowledge with us. Thanks and Regards, Anil Kumar Gupta.
A Venugopal Reddy - USA
I lived in U.S. for almost 35 years. I have 15 years experience in Oracle products. I worked in Oracle Corporation in U.S.A/ I took many courses through Oracle Education. I am trying to convey that here the DBA concepts are well taught by the owner and instructor Mr.Prasad Mynumpati, who is the best instructor I have seen so far in my life Software Training experience in Hyderabad city. ... I recommend all the young engineering undergraduates to take this Oracle DBA training only at this institute. This will be the best place to start building the future.
Vasu - Boston USA
DBA Technologies is a very good place to learn DBA for freshers. Prasad sir and altaf are very helpful while teaching and lab. They donn\'t hesitate to repeat the topic If you donn\'t understand for first time and I recommend DBA Technologies for any one who want to learn especially freshers.
Gary Adams - USA
I was a student in the Oracle DBA 11g online course. Our instructor Prasad is extremely knowledgeable in all things Oracle and he explained the material clearly and concisely. He took the time to make sure each student understood the material completely and made complicated topics very easy to understand. Prasad made certain that you not only understood all the material but that you would be able to apply everything that you learned to your real work environment. I would highly recommend Prasad and DBA Technologies for anyone who wants to become an Oracle DBA professional.

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